Body, mind, heart, spirit... each to his own.
Why limit yourself to 'either this or that' when you can have everything?
A brief stay.
A concentration of dedicated and exciting experiences, for you alone, to give time and space to passions without limit or compromise.
The pure pleasure of the Ego.
Give yourself or others the Boscolo EMOTIONS.
From the Boscolo Emotions case you can choose one of 6 different experiences, to enjoy an unforgettable stay marked by your own passions, seeking local flavors, discovering art and history, or losing yourself on the greens of the most exclusive golf clubs.
Bring time to a halt and enjoy the treat of the magnificent Boscolo Experience spa with your dearest while a baby sitter looks after your child.
Boscolo EMOTIONS is available at a price of € 900 and is ideal also as a special present.
You can reserve a stay in one of the best 5-star hotels of the Boscolo Hotels Group in Italy and Europe: Exedra (Rome, Milan and Nice), Aleph (Rome), Palace (Rome), Dei Dogi (Venice), Carlo IV (Prague) and New York Palace (Budapest).
Choose EMOTION and the destination of your stay with the greatest flexibility within the expiry date (12 months from the date of purchase). To check the closing date for your stay, just call the Reservations Center on +800 8099 8099 (from Italy: 800 25 38 78) or send an e-mail to reservation.prestige@boscolo.com , citing the identification code on the card.
This is our special idea for those who dream of exclusive moments in an exclusive location for themselves or others.