DiningA true voyage of discovery that involves and inspires all five senses.

Our restaurants are the perfect balance between innovation and tradition, creativity and cultural heritage. We are certain that people who come in to a Boscolo restaurant do not do so simply to eat, but also to go on a voyage of taste, where the flavours are created with touches of alchemy. Passion, know-how and technology are the ingredients that we use to take you on that journey back in time and space, telling a story, through sensations, intuition and combinations, of the past and present of every place.

restaurants & barsAn invitation to taste and attention to time: a refined and excellent snapshot in the beating heart of the city.


Our chefs, masters in culinary art.Internationally-renowned chefs are the excellent directors that master the kitchens of our restaurants, creating evocative symphonies of tastes, capable of creating incredible sensations in the palate.